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RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective

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Vector 460 Selective Soldering Machine

The Vector 460 selective soldering machine is a powerful system in a space-saving footprint. This soldering machine has been designed for high mix, high value, and low to mid volume PCB production environments. It can be programmed in minutes and can handle basic to complex dip, drag, wire bond and other through-hole soldering processes previously performed by hand or wave soldering.

The Vector 460 Selective Soldering Machine

The Vector 460 soldering system features best-in-class servo motor motion control, providing speed, accuracy, and repeatability. A superior thermal performance miniwave is achieved with the use of a closed loop temperature controlled nitrogen inertion process. RPS Automation offers innovative miniwave nozzle designs for wave stability and defect free performance. 


Vector 460 Selective Soldering Machine Features

  • 18” x 18” Standard Process Range
  • 1.5 mm Standard (Capable of 0.5mm) Keep Away
  • 6mm Lead Length Tolerance
  • +/- 0.05 mm Repeatability
  • +/- 0.25 mm Wave Stability
  • Off-line Programming Via RPS ConductorPRO™ Software
  • Low Maintenance: 80 Hour Pump Cleaning Cycle 
  • Low Consumables: Dross production of 1-2 ounces per shift  

Solder Range

Solder Method


Swap Solder Pots

Active Nozzles


18 x 18”
Nozzle Motion

X-Y-Z Axis
Closed Loop Servo Yes 1

2 (concurrent)
RPS Gaussian MiniWave™

The Vector 460 comes standard with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, installation, training, programming software and a ship-away kit with consumables and spares. Solder pots are backed by a 4-year warranty.


  • RPS Live View™— live witness video system with dedicated LCD monitor for miniwave observation and demonstration.

  • 4” Conventional Wave Nozzle— creates a “wave capable” selective soldering system, custom width up to 4”

  • High Performance Flux Nozzles— RPS uses best-in-class flux nozzles. A stainless steel spray flux nozzle is standard and can handle most any flux type. High precision drop jet fluxer (for high precision low solids no clean flux types) or ultrasonic fluxer (for high solids no clean flux types) are optional. Every system can be configured for dual flux nozzles and chemistries— ideal for high mix contract manufacturing.

  • Inline Conveyor— 3mm edge belt conveyor for automated load, unload via SMEMA and auto width adjustment.

  • RPS Fiducial Correct™— full fiducial inspection with pass/no pass notification and automatic X-Y position correction.

  • 2nd Solder Pot— for 2nd solder alloy, easy changeover, includes 5 nozzles, solder pot, pump, & tools for contamination free processing.

  • 2nd Solder Nozzle— Independent nozzle raises/lowers to allow full functionality with two different nozzle sizes to improve solder process efficiency.
  • Top-Side PreHeat— For extreme thermal demands, ceramic encased IR heat top side heat.


The effectiveness of an RPS system is highlighted by its ability to handle a high mix of changing and often complex assembly requirements, including tall and odd size components, tight keep aways, thermal demands and thermal limitation. The RPS Gaussian MiniWave™ delivers precise and smooth laminar solder for tight keep always and repeatability. RPS N2 PROHeat™ for N2 inertion delivers closed loop N2 temperature control from 0-400C. This innovation enables superior thermal capacity at the point of soldering, reducing, if not, eliminating component risk associated with pre-heat. These and more innovations provide RPS customers with the ability to meet ever changing requirements.


The Vector 460 does not rest on the success of the past. Several new features highlight this flexible performer:

17” LCD Witness System

New Tool Storage Racks

Ultrasonic Fluxer for RMA No Clean Flux Types

Internal LED Lighting System

Fully Integrated Fiducial Vision System


superior price-to-performance value

Selective soldering is proven to reduce hand and wave soldering operating costs by 30-90%. But payback also requires a system that offers easy programming, low-cost operation, affordable off-the-shelf parts, and durable 10+ years of operation. The Vector 460 meets these requirements with ease. Moreover, with unmatched thermal control and precision, the Vector 460 can process a wide range of applications, which means processing more on your RPS system and generating superior value for each dollar invested.

Industry Standard Spare Parts

Low Cost N2 Consumption | 30 CFH

Low Cost Dross Production | 1.5 Ounces/Shift

High Precision Keep Away | 0.5mm Ready

Made in the USA Support & Pricing

Excellent Thermal Capacity | 200 - 400°C N2 Inertion


Vector 460 Soldering System Specifications


Computer controlled XYZ robotic platform using closed loop servo motion control robotics. Flux and miniwave nozzles articulate below PCB. Programs generated via RPS CamConductor programming package. Program via GUI selection relative to imported JPEG and Gerber data images. Virtually unlimited program storage. Windows PC, keyboard, mouse, monitor and monitor mount, software & nozzles included. (Options denoted by *.)

Vector 460 Soldering Operation

X/Y/Z Control Closed Loop Servo Motors

X/Y/Z Motion | Accuracy Lead Screw | ± .002"

Interpolated Motion Yes | Simultaneous X, Y and Z

Max Speed Ω X/Y axes @ 5” per second

Max Process Range18 x 18” | 300 x 450 mm

Min/Max PCB Size 1 x 1” to 18 x 18” | 25 x 25 mm to 460 x 460 mm

Load Method Manual | Universal PCB Holder

Inline SMEMA Load Option | SMEMA Edge Belt


Approach 360° | Access to All Solder Points

Nozzle Material Wetted Alloy

Nozzle Sizes (ID)1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 20 mm & custom

Keep Away 1.5mm Standard | 0.5mm Capable

Max Wave Height 6mm Standing Wave Height

Component Max Height 3” | Top & Bottom of PCB

Flux PROCESS Control

Spray Fluxer Standard | Stainless Steel

Drop Jet Fluxer*0.5 - 2mm | 14% Solids Max

Ultrasonic Fluxer*1 - 5mm | 40% Solids Max

Dual Fluxers / Chemistry* Two Independent Nozzles & Plumbing

Flux Capacity 1 Liter Pressurized (per tank)

SOLDER Pot Management

Solder Pot Capacity 60 lbs | 27 kgs

Temp Control PID proportioning (0-400°C) ± 2°C

Heat Time 60 Minutes

HMP Upgrade* Option

Dross Production 1.5 Ounces per 8 Hours

Maintenance Cycle 80 Hour Pump Clean | 30 Minutes

nitrogen management

N2 Inertion RPS Proheat™

N2 Temp Control 0-400 °C Closed Loop | Adjustable Set Point

N2 Consumption | Purity 30-35 CFH | <20 PPM O2


  • Steel Welded Frame

  • Password Control

  • 4 year Solder Pot Warranty

  • N2 Temp Control

  • Industry Standard Spare Parts

  • Drop Jet / Ultrasonic Flux Nozzles*

  • Custom Nozzles*

  • Dual Flux Nozzles*

  • High Def Witness Vision*


Safety UL and CE Compliant

Electrical 208-240 VAC | 1Ø 3 Wire | 50-60hz | 30 amp

Dimension (D-L-H) 58 x 55 x 50” | L 60” inline

Weight 1000 lbs | 450 kgs

Air 80 PSI | Clean and Dry

Nitrogen N2 <20 PPM O2 | 35 SCFH N2

Ship Weight 1250 lbs | 375 kgs

Exhaust 25 SCFH (ft3)

Interested?   For more information, send a detailed message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.