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RPS Introduces New Prelude 202 Dip and Look Solderability Test System

WEDNESDAY, December 1, 2011

RPS Introduces New Prelude 202 Dip and Look Solderability Test System

New System Aids in Component Inspection and Verification with Improved Performance and Traceability

Spokane, Washington, December 1, 2011— RPS Automation LLC, a manufacturer of automated precision soldering equipment for electronics assembly and manufacturing, today announced the release of the next generation 2011 Prelude 202 Dip and Look Solderability Test System.

The Prelude provides precise handling of electronic components for the automated process of a flux and solder dip of the component terminations. After the dip process, an engineer inspects the terminations (i.e., “look”) for the adequate presence of solder. If adequate, the component is thereby validated for authenticity and solderability with the selected solder alloy.

“The Prelude serves an important role in validating the solderability and viability of electronic components,” said Reid Henry, VP of Engineering. “A growing number of customers use the Prelude in each line to batch test components prior to populating mission critical PCB’s. Still, other customers insist on the Prelude’s automated testing in compliance with the latest IPC standards and in an effort to prevent the introduction of counterfeit components,” added Mr. Henry.

The new 2011 Prelude 202 Solderability Test System (and the dual-alloy Prelude 202 DX) can flux and tin virtually any component from QFP and axial components to LCC’s and flatpacks. The system uses a batch load method to load the component tool holders. A flux reservoir and solder station serve to process the component leads for the dip process in flux and then solder. The Prelude 202 DX comes with an integrated second solder pot for alternative alloy processing.

New in 2011, the Prelude can be controlled by an attached netbook computer for unlimited recipe storage and reporting for documented traceability.

The Prelude is available immediately and is in production in North America. References are available on request. Contact an RPS representative at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

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