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RPS Named The #1 Global Selective Soldering Equipment Supplier


RPS Number 1 Global Selective Soldering Equipment Supplier

RPS Automation/Hentec Industries has been named the #1 global selective soldering equipment supplier in the annual Selective Soldering Equipment Markets report by QYResearch, one of the leading research firms monitoring activity in this industry. RPS has been named the key vendor in this report as a result of the versatility and quality of its products, its sales and service support and for being one of the great innovators in selective soldering equipment.

2017 has been a banner year, as the company has also announced the release of new products - the Vector Series of selective soldering systems. The Vector line promises increased productivity and performance through simple but innovative design and is now available for sale.

The future is bright indeed for RPS Automation.

RPS Automation Selective Soldering Equipment Now Leading The Field

RPS Automation has long been recognized as one of the leading suppliers and producers of selective soldering equipment, as the company has been in the business of producing selective soldering systems for decades. As a result, RPS has built a reputation as being one of the go-to vendors for such systems.

However, RPS is also committed to innovation, refining, redesigning and revolutionizing selective soldering equipment. The endeavor is not only to improve what we do and how we do it, but also for the benefit of our customers and partners. As we can make our machines work better, so can they make better products. Their reputations become our reputation.

Last year, RPS was frequently named among the key vendors of selective soldering equipment in a number of markets, including the United States, Europe, and Asia. This year, QYResearch - a leading market analysis firm specializing in a diverse array of industries - has named RPS Automation the number one manufacturer of selective soldering systems in its annual Global Selective Soldering Equipment Sales Market Report.

A Reputation For Innovation

RPS Automation has been able to build a reputation as a leading selective soldering equipment supplier by constantly keeping an eye for innovation. We strive to make processes work better and to make better systems that are able to better serve our customers' needs...and therefore theirs. After all, their success is our success.

We also recognize that processes and standards are different worldwide. As a result of our innovative and agile design capabilities, we are able to manufacture machines ready to deploy in any sector in the world and at that, successfully.

However, we are also aware that there is no one-size-fits-all soldering system. As a result, we also offer a diverse array of products, each tailored to a specific set of priorities and available across a number of price points. Our ability to serve almost any customer that may need selective soldering equipment, no matter how large or small, has also made us one of the go-to vendors of this technology.

Since we also ensure that our machinery remains state-of-the-art, this means that an RPS system will always be among the first to be capable of producing the last circuit assemblies.

These factors have made RPS an industry leader, which we will endeavor to remain.

RPS Announces Vector Series

Concurrently with this announcement from QYResearch, RPS Automation has also launched our new line of Vector selective soldering machines. The Vector series is an innovative new product line, offering a 300mmx300mm window or 460mmx460mm process window. The Vector series, with new servo systems and software, will be able to deliver a 20 to 40 percent increase in productivity compared to other selective soldering systems, with an innovative yet simplified design.

The Vector series is dedicated to performance and usability and will prove itself well on factory floors around the globe in the coming months.

RPS Automation has had a wonderful year so far, with a great deal of promise for the future beginning to take shape, and is prepared to lead the way in the selective soldering industry into the rest of the 21st century. Give us a call or contact, we are looking forward to hearing from you.