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RPS Automation Selective Soldering Machine Lineup For 2018

new selective soldering machines

New Upcoming Selective Soldering Machines

If you're looking for the best in selective soldering equipment, look no further than RPS Automation. We are one of the leading manufacturers of selective soldering equipment and 2018 is promising to be an exciting year for RPS, with new products to offer suited to a broad range of electronics manufacturers.

If you're going to be in need of a selective soldering system, check out the RPS 2018 lineup! You should be able to find the selective soldering, lead tinning or solderability testing system that's perfectly suited to your business.

Vector 360

The Vector 360 selective soldering machine is part of the Vector series, the latest generation of selective soldering machines by RPS Automation. The Vector 360 is designed for high-precision applications with small boards, with maximum board area of 12 inches by 12 inches. It's single-nozzle system, but since the PCB can be rotated across all three axes as can the nozzle, the 360 can handle the most precise soldering applications while taking up comparatively little floor space.

If your operation needs a high-precision machine at low- to medium-volume output, the Vector 360 is easily one of the best systems available.

Odyssey 925 Lead Tinning Machine

For medium-output lead tinning applications, the Odyssey 925 is the system to acquire. The 925 is perfect for smaller to medium operations that require a lead tinning machine but don't necessarily need the largest number of features. The 925 comes standard with three tinning stations but can be expanded to four if needed. It's also quite compact, taking up drastically less floor space than comparable machines from other producers that offer the same 4 foot by 4 foot DSP area. As it's also very competitively priced, it's one of the best machines available for the price-point.

Pulsar Dip And Look Solderability Testing System

The Pulsar Dip And Look Solderability Testing System offers a whole lot of features in a compact, table-top configuration. Despite the compact dimensions, it's one of the most versatile and feature-packed solderability testing platforms in the industry. It can test leaden and lead-free components, with the addition of a second solder pot, and is able to test and certify components to Mil-Std 202, Spec 208 standards as well as IPC and ANSI specifications.

Vector 460 Selective Soldering System

The Vector 460 takes the space-saving footprint of the 360 but expands the size of the compatible circuit boards to 18 inches by 18 inches, and adds a second soldering nozzle. For applications that require a moderate size of the board but also medium-volume, the 460 is the better fit than the 360. It can handle bigger boards and higher output, but with no loss in precision or requiring dramatically more floor space.

Photon Steam Aging System

The perfect compliment to the Pulsar system is RPS Automation's Photon Steam Aging system, which will steam-age components that will be stored for 12 or more months. It is also capable of ensuring components are to Mil-Std 202, Spec 208 standards as well as ANSI and IPC specifications as well. The Photon and Pulsar can be purchased separately, but many of our clients find they have to have both.

Odyssey 1325 and Odyssey 1750 Lead Tinning Machines

RPS Automation also has two models of lead tinning machines for high-volume applications, the Odyssey 1325 and Odyssey 1750. These two lead tinning systems are designed for high-volume operations where the footprint is not the chief concern. Each is made-to-order, as the unique nature of your operation determines the needs of a lead tinning machine. Both start with three standard stations, but 1325 can be expanded to five and 1750 to eight. If you need lead-tinning in bulk, these are the machines to acquire.

Rhythm SPX Selective Soldering Machine

The Rhythm SPX is the flagship selective soldering machine made by RPS Automation. The Rhythm system is designed to handle high-output, high-precision selective soldering for a greater range of products as it can work with boards up to 24 inches by 24 inches. The two nozzles move across the X, Y and Z axis, with a Guassian mini-wave nozzle for incredible precision in soldering joints.

The Rhythm SPX is made-to-order to fit your operation perfectly. Optional configurations including a conveyor system, upgraded flux nozzles, pre-heating and RPS Live View - a live video feed of soldering being done - are all available as add-ons.

If you need selective soldering at scale, this is the ultimate machine to do it with.