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RPS - Be Selective

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A Look At RPS Lead Tinning Machines

RPS Automation is one of the leading providers of lead tinning machines, as well as selective soldering equipment, solderability testing machines and other automated soldering equipment. If lead tinning equipment is required by your operation, RPS Automation's lead tinning machines are industry-leading examples.

Lead Tinning Machine Types 

Here, we shall examine two of the lead-tinning machines that RPS has to offer: the Odyssey and the Anthem lead tinning machines.

RPS Odyssey Lead Tinning Machine

The RPS Odyssey lead tinning system is a high-volume, high mix precision lead tinning system. It is capable of going through thousands of components per day, making it perfect for operations where high volume of tinning is required.

The Odyssey is designed for maximum automation, as it is PC compatible and can accept an unlimited number of pattern programs, seamlessly switching to protocols for multiple components and the tinning process they require. Another benefit of the Odyssey is that it is capable of meeting multiple manufacturing specs, including Mil Standard, ANSI and IPC compliance standards.

Both X and Z axes are controllable, with interpolated motion and a three-step process: load, unload and dross wipe. The Odyssey is capable of lead-free tinning and can use up to six stations, including a scavenge station, water wash, preheating, dynamic flow and new alloy application, air drying and recirculating flux station.

Included with the Odyssey is a control PC station and training by factory personnel in the operation of the Odyssey, so your workforce is able to operate the system without issue.

RPS Anthem

The Anthem lead-tinning machine is a high-mix, medium volume lead tinning machine that's designed to be highly versatile in a mid-level output operation. The Anthem is able to meet multiple compliance standards, including ANSI, IPC and Mil Std., and is laptop-controlled with unlimited program capability.

The Anthem is designed for the utmost in versatility. Components can be articulated across all three axes with interpolated motion. For the utmost in efficiency, the Anthem uses a three-station process including a scavenge station, flux station and new tinning. The Anthem is also designed for easy component handling - including SMT components - and is able to switch between programs and handling setups seamlessly.

The Anthem can also be augmented with single or double solder stations, dynamic solder pots, wave and dip nozzles. Pre-heat and dynamic flux stations can also be added as optional extras.

If the Anthem is optimal for your operation, the control laptop comes with installation, along with component sample processing and training from factory technicians. This will get your technicians completely up to speed and able to use the Anthem to its full capacity.

Contact Us To Determine Which Lead Tinning Machine Is Right For You

Want to know which RPS Automation lead-tinning system is right for you? Contact us! We can begin the consultation process right away. By learning more about your operation and the products you manufacture, we can determine precisely what your lead-tinning requirements are and therefore match you to exactly the right lead-tinning system.

After all, a lead-tinning machine is a tool and to get the most utility from one, you need to select the exact right tool for the task. RPS Automation are the experts in soldering automation, and we are happy to arrange for you to get the automated solution your business needs!