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Financing For Selective Soldering Machines From RPS Automation

Benefits of Financing For Selective Soldering Machines

In selective soldering machines is substantial, as you are likely well aware. As you are also aware, not every company that has need of a selective soldering system is able to make a cash payment in full.

RPS Automation/Hentec Industries can offer you multiple financing options should you need a more flexible payment plan. We are able to accommodate almost any need in this regard, and we are happy to discuss these plans in further detail should you wish to finance one of RPS Automation's selective soldering systems.

The question, of course, is how you can afford to buy from anyone else. Here are the financing options we have available.

Operating Lease Of Selective Soldering Machines

An operating lease with RPS Automation is a true lease of our equipment. Also known as a Fair Market Lease, this option is the most open-ended. An advantage to an operating lease agreement is that the payments qualify as operating expenses and can, therefore, be written off.

How the Operating Lease works is that you lease the equipment and make lease payments, just as you would anything else, with a lease term. When the lease expires, you will have several options. You can renew the lease if you wish, elect to lease upgraded equipment from RPS Automation or return it. You can also purchase the equipment at fair market value.

Rental Of RPS Selective Soldering Machines

Unlike a lease, we also offer equipment rentals. This is often the most budget-friendly for short-term uses of equipment, though longer-term applications would be much more ideally suited to one of our lease options or purchase of RPS selective soldering equipment.

You select a term of rental, get a quote for the rent and begin renting the equipment and software. When the term is up, you return the equipment or commence a new rental agreement if needed.

Deferred Payment For Selective Soldering Equipment

We can offer two Deferred Payment Plans should you need them. These options are for the company that is close to being able to pay in full but needs additional time to do so. You can defer payments for 90 or 180 days, whichever happens, to suit you and your company more, in order to establish cash flow. Once the deferment period has ended, payment is due.

Capital Lease

We also offer a capital lease of selective soldering equipment, usually referred to as "rent to own" in consumer applications. This lease format is structured so that the equipment is purchased for a very small amount at the end of the lease term.

State laws can set the minimum amount of purchase (or local laws if located outside the United States) so this is something to be aware of. In the U.S., state laws usually declare a minimum purchase amount of $1 or $101, whichever may apply in your case. This final payment constitutes a full purchase.

Payments are therefore higher than a fair market lease or rental, but this payment plan is obviously tailored toward an end goal of ownership of an RPS Automation selective soldering system.

Equipment Finance Agreement Of Selective Soldering Equipment

We also offer an Equipment Finance Agreement or EFA. This option is rather simple; you are lent the appropriate amount of money required to obtain an RPS Automation selective soldering and/or solderability testing system. You make your payments and at the end of the term, when the balance is paid, you own the system.

Your EFA can cover anything and everything that needs to be financed, including shipping, taxes, warranties and the equipment itself. Once terms are agreed upon, you begin making EFA payments until the term is over and all payments made. At that point, the equipment is yours.

Interested in one of our selective soldering financing plans? Apply now or contact us! We'll be happy to discuss terms and find the plan that works best for you, so you can get the selective soldering system you need!