The Best Solderability Testing Machines Of 2018

The best solderability testing machines of 2018 are here. These machines offer the ability to test solderability and to steam-age components to any industrial standard desires, be that Mil Standard, IPC or ANSI specifications.

Those machines should be able to offer a reduced footprint, saving precious space inside your operation. Dip and look solderability testing should be standard, and it should definitely offer lead-free solderability testing if desired.

Solderability testing and steam-aging should also be customizable, to run the testing that you desire on your components. These machines should also be supported fully by the factory, with all the resources you might need to get the most out of your equipment.

Solderability testing machines exactly like that are here. The best solderability testing equipment of 2018 is available from RPS Automation.

The Pulsar Solderability Test System By RPS Automation

The Pulsar Solderability Test System by RPS Automation is one of the finest solderability testing machines available on the market today. It's designed for the laboratory environment, with a reduced overall footprint. However, don't let the compact dimensions fool you. The capabilities of this piece of equipment are far larger than many competing solderability testing machines.

The Pulsar system can perform Dip and Look solderability tests to Mil Standard 202, Method 208 standards, as well as IPC and ANSI standards as well. Programming can be done via touchscreen, with PID temperature management for complete control.

Best of all, no programming knowledge is needed to operate the Pulsar system.

The machine features an automatic dross wiper, multi-axis motion control, and both solder and flux stations. If desired, a second soldering station can be added so both leaden and lead-free solderability testing can be done.

Photon Steam Aging System

For the best results in solderability testing, the testing protocol should be combined with steam aging. Combined with the Photon Steam Aging system, you'll be able to ensure that your product is reliable and ready to meet the challenges of operation once it leaves the factory.

The Photon Steam Aging System is likewise capable of meeting Mil Standard, Method 208 testing standards as well as IPC and ANSI testing parameters. Unlike many other systems, however, the Photon offers temperature control capabilities that ensure the durability of components.

Steam aging requires a narrow temperature range to be the most effective, between 90 and 96 degrees C. The thermal control of the Photon ensures that this temperature range is adhered to, which no other system on the market is able to do.

The system is also modular, allowing configuration to customer specifications. Up to 3 locking batch, steam drawers can be added or the Photon can be equipped with a single large steam chamber for large components.

The Photon is able to steam age almost any type of component along with boards, including relays, transistors, SMT and axial components.

Solderability Testing Machines From RPS Automation

The best selective soldering systems and the best solderability testing machines are found at RPS Automation. We have become a dominant provider of selective soldering and solderability testing equipment on the world stage through the innovative, efficacious and reliable product. That has enabled our customers to manufacture products that are as well, the whole world over.

Our solderability testing machines are accompanied by installation and training provided by RPS to your staff and technicians. We will get you up and run, and provide thorough instruction in the operation and maintenance of these systems to ensure that you are able to begin producing in earnest.

We also offer support after installation, as well as a factory warranty that's second to none in the industry. We have built a reputation over 25 years by focusing on one customer at a time, and that is exactly the kind of attention you will get from RPS Automation. We set the highest of standards for ourselves, and you will notice the difference.

Want to know more about out solderability testing equipment and what it can do for you and your business? Contact us for a consultation! We'll talk about what RPS can do to ensure the quality of your product and continued success for your business.