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  • Financing For Selective Soldering Machines From RPS Automation +

    Benefits of Financing For Selective Soldering Machines In selective soldering machines is substantial, as you are likely well aware. As Read More
  • Hentec/RPS Announces New North America Sales Manager +

    Newman Lake, Washington, April 16, 2018 — Hentec Industries, Inc. (formerly RPS Automation), a leading US manufacturer of selective solder, lead Read More
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Global Selective Soldering Market Trends

Trends In The Global Selective Soldering Market

Industries grow and change over time, including that of selective soldering - and the selective soldering market has changed drastically since the days when the technology was first adopted. Today, selective soldering industry trends show that it continues to grow, with many recent developments that will lead to future developments, shaping the course of the selective soldering industry.

Here are some select trends in the global selective soldering market.


The Importance Of Calibration In Selective Soldering

Benefits of Regular Selective Soldering Calibration Services

While the equipment that one chooses for selective soldering and consumables - the solder itself, the flux and so on - are certainly important, an aspect of selective soldering that cannot be overlooked is calibration. Proper calibration of selective soldering equipment is vital, as an uncalibrated soldering machine will not produce the solder connections it is supposed to.


Discover The Vector 460 by RPS: A New Standard In Selective Soldering

RPS Automation is proud to announce the Vector 460 Selective Soldering Machine, which promises to be a new standard in what can be expected from a selective soldering system. The Vector 460 offers far more features than are otherwise possible in a compact system, as the 460 has been engineered to deliver incredible performance in a space-saving form-factor soldering system.


The IPC APEX Expo 2018 - Get A Glimpse At The Future of Electronics

What to Expect at the IPC APEX Expo 2018


The electronics industry has a number of high-profile trade shows, and while CES might get more press, it's the IPC APEX Expo 2018 that will give insiders a glimpse of the future. The IPC APEX Expo is the trade show for the Association Connecting Electronics Industries, formerly the Institute for Printed Circuits, and is the trade association for manufacturers of electronics manufacturing machinery.

This is where the future of electronics manufacturing will be shown first, and RPS Automation will be there!