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RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective

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Selecting The Best Flux For Selective Soldering

best soldering flux

Choosing The Right Selective Soldering Flux

One of the most critical aspects of selective soldering operations is the selection of flux, as Flux cleans and prepares the area to be soldered. Without proper flux, the connection will suffer as will the product and your entire operation with it as product quality is surely the lifeblood of any manufacturing concern producing PCBs.


Why Laser Soldering?

laser soldering benefits


Laser Soldering Can Be a Great Choice

One of the types of selective soldering systems that should not be overlooked is laser soldering, as this method of selective soldering is highly beneficial for those applications it is well suited for. In fact, it's one of the fastest-growing soldering methods in recent years due to the inherent advantages of laser soldering.

There are, of course, a few things that can cause some operations to hesitate on laser soldering, often due to cost concerns.


How To Ensure Selective Soldering Quality

quality of selective soldering

Keep Consistent Selective Soldering Quality

Ensuring selective soldering quality is almost as important as any other aspect of the manufacturing process. After all, what good is equipment, personnel or anything else if you can't turn out a good product?

No good at all; you live and die by product quality, as any business lives or dies on the quality of the goods or services it provides.

Therefore, it's imperative to ensure selective soldering quality. Here are 3 crucial steps to ensure it.


How To Ensure You Select An Affordable Selective Soldering System

Cost Effective Selective Soldering Systems

For some operations, it's not only important to implement a selective soldering system, but also an affordable selective soldering system. Not every operation is able or really has to have the absolute cutting edge of any technology in order to meet production demand and succeed in their endeavors.

Does that mean quality has to be sacrificed, however?

Not in the least, and it has long been a fallacy to assume that the most convoluted of any technology and the highest price tag correlates to the best in function.