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RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective

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  • Financing For Selective Soldering Machines From RPS Automation +

    Benefits of Financing For Selective Soldering Machines In selective soldering machines is substantial, as you are likely well aware. As Read More
  • Hentec/RPS Announces New North America Sales Manager +

    Newman Lake, Washington, April 16, 2018 — Hentec Industries, Inc. (formerly RPS Automation), a leading US manufacturer of selective solder, lead Read More
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Selective Soldering vs Wave Soldering

Selective and Wave Soldering Differences


Selective versus Wave Soldering


Every soldering process, such as selective soldering, wave soldering or reflow, has benefits and drawbacks. In certain instances, selective soldering is clearly the appropriate soldering method and wave soldering is clearly the better soldering process in others. In order to choose which to employ, one has to consider the intended application for which the wave or selective soldering machine will be used.



How To Prevent Selective Soldering Defects


Selective Soldering Defects and Solutions


There are a number of selective soldering defects, which negatively impact the products made in the selective soldering process. A board made with a soldering defect will either not function correctly upon leaving the factory, or will be prone to malfunction in a much shorter time span than is acceptable.

That opens the door to failures, which not only pose a problem for the end user but also to the producer. Reputations can be ruined by a bad batch or two, or even a defective unit or two. To guard against any PCB or component failures, soldering system defects need to avoided at all costs.




Benefits Of Hand Soldering Over Selective Soldering


Hand Soldering vs Selective Soldering


Hand soldering is the simplest form of soldering there is, since it's about the furthest thing from complicated that there is. It's also the easiest form of soldering. Given the simplicity of hand soldering, there isn't too much that can be made a mess of.

Selective soldering, on the other hand, is much more complicated as there are so many parts to the process that are involved. We developed a brief guide to selective soldering if you are intersted in learning more. 



A Tour Of Selective Soldering Technologies


Types of Selective Soldering Technologies 


We know that Selective soldering is different from other soldering methods, but what sort of selective soldering technologies are out there? What sort of benefits do they offer over other types of selective soldering technologies or different soldering methods?