RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective

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Design Rules For Miniwave Drag Selective Soldering

Miniwave Drag Selective Soldering Design Rules 


  1. Introduction

Selective soldering is the process in which through hole components on a printed circuit board are processed by applying solder to individual sets of leads.  This process typically follows reflow of SMT components and therefore requires a great deal of precision and repeatability to avoid contact and damage to existing SMT components.  The selective solder process, by design, eliminates the need for “selective” pallets to protect SMT components as would be used in a wave solder process.


Selective Soldering Trends


Recent Selective Soldering Industry Trends

There is nothing static about soldering, as it evolves and changes along with the products it's used to create and the last few decades of <strong>selective soldering trends</strong> reflects that. In fact, the past 50 years have been nothing short of revolutionary for soldering as a skill, as automation and various soldering technologies have completely redefined what soldering can accomplish and what kind of soldering can be done.


A Brief Guide To Selective Soldering

guide to selective soldering



What Is Selective Soldering?


How does it work, and what's the benefit of employing selective soldering machines?

These are all fantastic questions to have, especially if you're considering switching to a new soldering method.

Selective soldering, simply put, is a method of soldering components to a printed circuit board in a much faster period of time than doing so by hand. It's one of the most widespread and effective soldering methods, as it has become one of the dominant forms of soldering in manufacturing applications. 


How to Choose A Selective Soldering Machine


Choosing A Selective Soldering Machine


Need a selective soldering machine? There are a lot of different models on the market to choose from, and like any tool, there's one right machine for the right operation. Some companies merely need an entry-level "jack-of-all-trades" machine and others require a machine to expertly handle a specific component assembly operation.