RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective
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It is our focus on soldering and our commitment to the customer that sets us apart. The RPS team is focused on soldering, from solder testing, lead tinning, and mass dip to our primary focus, selective soldering. With 20 years of experience, R&D and complete ownership of our software, manufacturing and assembly— we take complete control of our products and our processes to provide the innovation and business practices that enable us to deliver on our core customer commitments: (1) superior precision soldering, (2) ease of use and, (3) excellent service.

Superior Soldering Capability

RPS solder performance begins with the unique “Gaussian” nozzle design that increases solder wave height and precision, improving the ability to solder in tight spaces and around near-by components. RPS pumps, impellers, risers, and robotics work in coordination with these nozzles to produce an exceptionally precise, tall and stable mini-wave— essential capabilities to handle all selective soldering needs.

Leading Thermal Performance

RPS provides superior thermal performance at the point of solder by independently heating nitrogen. Competitive systems heat nitrogen through tubes that run through a solder reservoir; by the time the nitrogen arrives at the solder point, it is cooler than the solder and “cools” the process. The RPS proprietary approach “adds” heat to the nitrogen; thereby enhancing the thermal presentation of the solder wave and the solder process.

Accuracy and Repeatability

RPS is the only vendor that exclusively uses servo motors for motion control in all systems. In fact, the Rhythm line offers the only closed-loop servo-motor system within the market priced under $100,000. Servos are intelligent motors that know their position – an upgrade from the low cost, low performing stepper motors found in competitive systems.

Low Maintenance

RPS systems need minimal maintenance. How do we reduce maintenance? Our pump impeller has a proprietary design that enables low pump RPM’s, reducing dross production and therefore pump maintenance. Solder pots use external strip heaters for longer heater life, pot durability and easy pot cleaning. Solder pumps use thermal isolators and high-temp belts to cut heat transfer to the motor and extend motor life.

Low Consumables

All RPS systems are designed for low cost operation. Dross production is typically one tablespoon per shift, thereby minimizing solder loss. RPS nitrogen usage is very efficient at just 30 CFH; this is 15% to 65% less than competitive systems (resulting in operating cost savings of $15,000 a year and/or reduced capital expenditures for nitrogen generation).

Easy Programming

RPS CamConductorTM Off-Line Programming Software provides an elegant user interface and rapid programming speed. In just minutes, a programmer can use the included laptop computer to import a scanned image or Gerber data, select solder points and nozzle configuration, and generate a selective soldering program. The system also provides easy control of approach direction, speed, dwell, and many other attributes.

Exceptional Training and Service

RPS offers training within it’s Spokane facility pre-delivery, mandatory training during installation, and continued training post-installation. RPS is consistently trying new and innovative ways to improve customer service and training materials. Dedicated support staff and well trained technicians are readily available for service Monday-Friday. Parts are delivered direct from the factory and pre-positioned globally for rapid worldwide distribution.