Solderability Testing Equipment

RPS Solderability Testing Systems

The Hentec RPS Pulsar and Photon are proven industry platforms for the Dip & Look Solderability Test and the Steam Aging Test in accordance with IPC and MIL-spec industry standards.

“Dip & Look Test”— The Pulsar provides precise handling of electronic components for the automated process of a flux and solder dip of the component terminations. After the dip process, the operator inspects the terminations (i.e., “look”) for the adequate presence of solder. If adequate, the component is validated for authenticity and solderability with the selected solder alloy.

“Artificial Aging” Test— The Photon provides additional testing capability by artificially aging components prior to the “dip & look test”. The artificial aging is produced by 8-hours of exposure to precision controlled temperature and steam. The J Standard requires steam aging as a component of the solderability test process. This industry specified steam process replicates the impact of 12+ months of storage. After the aging process, the components are brought to the Prelude for solderability testing and, if successful, certification for long-term storage.

“Lead Tinning”— If a component fails a solderability test, RPS offers lead tinning systems to remove old and apply new solder to component terminations.

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What is Solderability Testing

  Solderability testing pertains to the process of evaluating the solderability of leads, terminations and wires on an electronic component. The solderability of a lead, termination or surface is defined by its solder wetting characteristics. There are several different ways that solderability testing can be performed, RPS specializes in the “Dip and Look” method.


What is Steam Aging

Steam aging is an automated process to artificial age electronic components and circuit boards, including high density, discrete components. The steam aging process is designed to test components to determine if they meet the military and commercial Hi-Rel specifications MIL-STD 202, Method 208.


Industry Standards Compliance

RPS systems meet all current industry standards for solderability testing equipment

Standards compliance in every solderability testing machine includes:

Standards compliance in steam aging machines includes:


Solderability Testing Equipment

Pulsar Image Web
Pulsar Dip and Look System  (Click For More Info)

The Pulsar is a proven industry platform that enables the Dip & Look Solderability Test in accordance with the Mil-STD-202, Method 208.

Steam Aging Machine

Photon Image Web
Photon Steam Aging Machine (click for more info)

The Photon Steam Aging Machine is designed to meet military and commercial Hi-Rel specifications (MIL-STD 202, Method 208, and others) for artificial aging of all electronic components and circuit boards. This includes high density, discrete components, relays, transistors, capacitors, SMT, and axial components.