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Photon Steam Aging System

Photon Steam Age Machine

The Photon Steam Aging Machine is designed to meet military and commercial Hi-Rel specifications (MIL-STD 202, Method 208, and others) for artificial aging of all electronic components and circuit boards. This includes high density, discrete components, relays, transistors, capacitors, SMT, and axial components.

Artificial steam aging of components must occur within a very narrow temperature range; typically at 93 C +/- 3 degrees.

The Photon System is the only active product that meets this precise control requirement. The thermal accuracy makes the system ideal for component manufacturers and military, commercial, and industrial end users.

The Photon is offered with several configuration options to ensure it meets the needs of each customer. The standard configuration offers a single steam chamber for large components. The machine can be equipped with 3 individually timed, ESD protected drawers with a unique closure mechanism that reduces steam escapement during drawer removal. Both systems provide complete monitoring and control of steam or water temperature and feature automatic timing of the test duration.

To complete the solderability testing process, a Photon machine can be used in conjunction with a Pulsar Solderability Test System. The Pulsar conducts an automated flux and solder dip process to enable the necessary “Dip & Look Test” to validate the solderability of the aged components.

Steam Aging Equipment Features:

  • Large Component Capacity
  • Leading Steam Aging Control in the Industry
  • Large Tray and 3 Drawer Options
  • Continuous 99+ Hour Operation
  • Complies with Hi Rel, Mil Compliance Testing
Process Area Water Type Temperature Control Large Steam Chamber Plumb Type Batch Steam Drawers (3)
12 x 12" 305 x 305 mm Destilled or De-ionized PI Standard Carboy or Direct Option


      • Industry’s Most Precise Steam Aging Control

      • Complies with Hi Rel | Mil Compliance Testing
      • Large Process Area and 3 Drawer options
      • Report Logs for Tracking | Certification
      • Small Footprint | Lab Processing
      • Autonomous | Minimal Operator Intervention


Artificial steam aging of components must occur over a very narrow temperature range, typically at 93 C +/- 3 degrees. The Photon Steam Aging Systems are the only machines currently on the market that meet this precise control requirement. This thermal accuracy makes the Cadence Systems ideal for component manufacturers and military, commercial, and industrial end users.


Dozens of different product types and tests can be run at the same time. The user simply sets the timer to specify the duration of the test, loads the product and the process will automatically take place and alert the operator when complete.

Constructed of high quality stainless steel, the Photon is virtually unaffected by de-ionized or distilled water. Elapsed time and cycle time are indicated digitally. The cycle timer will not time the cycle unless temperature is within process parameters. Boiler temperature control is accurate to ±3°C from pre-set, with a readout provided. Condensation is always kept away from components. Extensive indicators display operating condition. Select the water source for each system configuration: either carboy stand-alone or inline pressurized water.


JEDEC JESD22-B102D    Mil-STD-202 Method 208

ANSI-J-STD-002            ANSI-J-STD-003



Steam is always safely vented and safety features prevent leakage, over temp and insufficient steam.

The unit automatically shuts down at the end of the pre-programmed cycle. The cover is designed so that steam is condensed and channeled to the side. Temperature controllers monitor for over-temp and insufficient water and will automatically shut the system down when triggered.

The stainless steel steam vessel is un-impacted by de-ionized, distilled or de-mineralized water. The external coating is high durability to handle the occasional water exposure. The Photon System is virtually maintenance free.

Photon Steam Ager Machine Specifications



Commercial touch screen PLC controls delivers precision temperature and duration control. Easy programming via touch screen panel. Extensive 99+ hour duration allows round-the-clock processing of samples in a single or multi-batch set-up. Precise closed-loop temperature control for precision aging. One year warranty. Made in the USA.

Steam Management




Test Duration

8 Hours Standard | Emulates 1 Year Aging

Duration Timer (1 – 99+ hours)


Selectable Thermocouple (Water or Steam)


± 3°C Steam

Standard Process Area 

12 x 12 x 2+” | 305 x 305 x 50+ mm

Optional Process Area | Drawers 

3 Drawers | Each with 3 Configurable Sections

3 x 10 x .86” | 76 x 254 x 21mm per Drawer



Temperature Control

100°C Max | PID Proportional


Touch Screen HDMI

Water Capacity

1.25 gal | 4.73 L

Pressure Regulator

5 PSI Max Regulator | Pressurized Configuration


Automatic Low Water Shutdown

High Water Overflow to Drain




110 VAC | 1 Ø | 60Hz | 15 Amps


Stainless Steel Wet Surfaces

Epoxy Coated External Surfaces

Water Type

Demineralized or Deionized Water ONLY

Plumbing Connection

Specify Carboy | ¼” poly quick connect

Specify Pressurized | ¼” pipe (female)

Drain | ¼” pipe (female)


Meets CE, UL, NRTL Standards

Dimensions | Footprint (W x D x H)

24 x 16 x 18” | 615 x 410 x 460 mm

Ship Weight

40 lbs | 18 kgs

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