RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective
RPS - Be Selective

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Selective Soldering Machines

RPS Selective Soldering Systems

RPS designs and manufacturers a complete line of high precision automated selective soldering machines. All RPS systems perform precise dip, drag and dip soldering using innovative RPS Gaussian MiniWave Nozzles™ and high durability spray, jet and ultrasonic flux nozzles; both nozzles articulate below the PCB. Solder management systems can be hot-swapped for lead and lead-free processing in the same system.

System Choices

RPS offers the widest range of process capabilities in the industry. From space saving 12 x 12” (300 x 300mm) systems to the largest native processing range in the industry at 24 x 24” (600 x 600mm).

Selective Soldering Machine choices for sale

VECTOR 300 selective soldering machine   VECTOR 460 soldering system  selective soldering with rhythm spx
Vector 300
Vector 460
Rhythm SPX 
Vector 300 PCB & Pot Motion X / Y / Z Lead Screw Servo Motion Control 12” x 12” 1 Precision Small Footprint
Vector 460 Pot Motion X / Y / Z Lead Screw Servo Motion Control 18” x 18” 2 Multi† Mid Volume High Precision Configurable
Rhythm SPX Pot Motion X / Y / Z Lead Screw Servo Motion Control 24” x 24” 2 Multi† Large PCB Mid Volume High Precision Configurable


All RPS selective solder machines deliver innovative simplicity. From durable X, Y, and Z stages, to advanced motion control software and a selection of economy stepper motion control or advanced servo motion control, every RPS system is guaranteed to offer industry leading precision and reliability.


best selective soldering equipment

The effectiveness of an RPS system is highlighted by its ability to handle a high mix of changing and often complex assembly requirements, including tall and odd size components, tight keep aways, thermal demands and thermal limitation. The RPS Gaussian MiniWave™ delivers precise and smooth laminar solder for tight keep aways and repeatability. RPS N2 PROHeat™ for N2 inertion delivers closed loop N2 temperature control from 0-400C. This innovation enables superior thermal capacity at the point of soldering, reducing if not eliminating component risk associated with pre-heat. These and more innovations provide RPS customers with the ability to meet the industry’s widest range of applications and ever changing assembly requirements.


Each RPS selective soldering machine delivers a complete customer solution. Each purchase includes everything needed to be in production on day one. Five RPS Gaussian MiniWave nozzles, a flux nozzle, solder pot and RPS PROHeat nitrogen inertion system, computer, software, spares, tool kit and installation are all included at no additional charge. Advanced features and options include high-resolution witness vision and fiducial correction systems, ergonomically friendly EasyLoad™ solder pot access, custom nozzles, inline conveyor systems, and solder pot warming stations. All RPS selective solder machines are backed by a 2-year system warranty and 4-year solder pot warranty.


RPS standard features and optional configurations meet essential PCB selective soldering operating and manufacturing needs.

  • EasyChange™ Solder Pot Access— the systems automatically index solder pots to an access position for easy maintenance and pot changeover. Full-access hoods further ease maintenance.
  • ConductorPRO™ Programming— the popular RPS ConductorPRO programming software for rapid offline programming using JPEG or Gerber. Unlimited seats provided to customers at no charge.
  • RPS Live View™— the RPS Live View video system features a high definition camera, adjustable zoom and a dedicated LCD monitor for miniwave process observation.
  • High Performance Flux Nozzles— RPS uses best-in-class flux nozzles. A stainless steel spray flux nozzle is standard and can handle most any flux type. High precision drop jet fluxer (for high precision low solids no clean flux types) or ultrasonic fluxer (for high solids no clean flux types) are optional. Every system can be configured for dual flux nozzles and chemistries— ideal for high mix contract manufacturing.
  • SMEMA Inline Operations— All RPS selective soldering systems offer full SMEMA compatibility with available inline belt-fed automated conveyor systems for higher volume applications.


RPS selective soldering systems represent years of engineering refinement and innovation to provide an unrivaled performance-to-price value proposition; out-performing the soldering specifications of competitive systems, yet remaining competitively priced.

Designed for flexibility and precision, the RPS selective soldering systems achieve RPS’s well-known performance criteria in all respects:

  • Repeatability: servo control for unmatched performance in its class
  • Precision: 1.5mm keep away standard, capable of 0.5mm keep away
  • Durability: welded frame, stainless steel fluxer, lifetime SOLDER pot warranty
  • Experience: developed with 25+ years of experience, 750+ of installations worldwide.


soldering systems for selective use

Selective soldering uses traveling flux and miniwave technology to apply a precise amount of flux and solder to select through hole components terminations on a printed circuit board (PCB). RPS uses several types of XYZ axis configurations to articulate the soldering miniwave beneath the circuit board.

Selective soldering replaces the older manual and low precision traditional through hole soldering methods such as wave soldering, hand soldering and robotic soldering irons. 


Selective soldering is proven to reduce hand and wave soldering operating costs by 30-90%. But payback also requires a system that offers easy programming, low cost operation, affordable off-the-shelf parts, and durable 10+ years of operation. RPS selective soldering provides those capabilities and delivers:


  • Lowest Operating Costs | Industry Standard Spare Parts
  • Lowest N2 Consumption | 30 CFH
  • Lowest Dross Production | 1.5 Ounces/Shift
  • Broadest Application | Highest Precision Keep Away at 0.5mm Ready
  • Made in the USA Support & Pricing