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Pulsar Solderability Test System

RPS Pulsar Machine

The Pulsar is a proven industry platform that enables the Dip & Look Solderability Test in accordance with the Mil-STD-202, Method 208. The system features a 15 lb-capacity solder pot, a flux station, and X and Z axis control. Designed for lab environments, the table-top system provides high precision PLC motion control, touch screen programming, and PID temperature management for complete process control of the component dip process.

The Pulsar can be configured with a 2nd solder station, enabling lead and lead-free testing. To certify components for storage beyond 12 months, an Photon Steam Aging System can be used to artificially age the components prior to the solderability dip test.

Solderability Testing Features:

  • Meets Mil-STD-202, Method 208
  • High Precision ± .002"
  • Dual Alloy Processing Ready
  • Precise Process Control and Repeatability
  • No Programming Knowledge Required


  • Easy Set-up & Immediate Results

  • Precise Process Control & Repeatability

  • Superior Results vs Hand Dipping

  • Large Solder Bath Maintains Thermal Mass

  • Space-Saving Footprint

  • No Programming Knowledge Required

  • Meets IPC, ANSI, Mil Specifications


The Pulsar can be combined with a Photon Steam Ager to provide artificial aging prior to the dip and look test. The combination of aging and dip & look testing provides full compliance with the objective IPC, ANSI and MIL solderability test standards.


  • PID Temperature Controls

  • Solder Station & Flux Station

  • DX with 2nd Alloy Station*

  • Multi-Axis Motion Control

  • Automatic Dross Wiper

  • High Precision | ± .01"


The solder pot is constructed of a non-contaminating alloy that is extremely durable, stable and lead-free compatible. The solder is presented as a flat and non-turbulent solder surface for minimal dross production. The 15 pound capacity of the solder pot ensures sufficient solder mass for precision process control; a PID temperature controller regulates the solder temperature up to 350°C within ± 5°C of set point.

The Pulsar can be configured with a 2nd solder station to enable lead and lead-free testing, or alternative temperature testing.



A PLC & screw drive system manage the robotics. Touch screen controller to write, call and edit programs. Up to 16 programs can be stored in memory. Manual jog capabilities.



  • Position 1: 1stSolder Station
  • Position 2: Flux Station
  • Position 3: 2nd Solder Station (DX Option)

Operation PLC HMI Touch Screen

Accuracy X & Z Axes ± .01" | 0.25mm

Programmability 16 program capacity | unlimited durations

Immersion Depth Programmable in .01” | 0.2mm steps

Speed In | Out

  • Adjustable 0.04 2.0” | 1 – 50 mm per sec
  • Compliance Standard is 1” | 25mm per sec

Immersion Time Programmable Dwell in Milliseconds

Component Handling Standard & Custom Component Tool Holders

Unit Standard Inches

Rotation Manual Rotation by Operator

Solder Management

Temp Control PID proportioning (0-325°C) ± 5°C

Solder Pot Electro Polished Stainless Steel

Process Range 4 x 6 x 2.5” (W x L x D)  102 x 152 x 64 mm

Alloy Capacity 15 lbs | 6.8 kgs

Lead Free Ready Yes

Static Presentation Standard

Dross Wiper Standard


Static Vessel Manual Cascade Overflow Method

Dimensions 3.5 x 3.5 x 1” (W x L x D) | 89 x 89 x 25 mm


ANSI-J-STD-002     |     JEDEC JESD22-B102D

ANSI-J-STD-003     |     MIL-STD-202 Method 208

MIL-STD-883          |     IPC/EIA J-STD 002B/C


Electrical 100-120 VAC | 1Ø | 50-60 hz | 15 amp

Safety UL and CE Compliant

Dimensions(WxLxH) 30 x 25 x 19“ | 762 x 635 x 483 mm

Weight 150 lbs | 68 kg


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