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Odyssey 925 Lead Tinning Machine

Odyssey 925

The Odyssey 925 is a mid-range lead tinning machine for electronic component tinning and re-tinning applications. It is capable of production volume processing, and efficiently priced and sized. The Odyssey 925 lead tinning system can be configured with 4 possible stations, including a 35-lb solder pot for scavenge, a flux station, a preheat station and a dynamic solder pot for high precision tinning application. Optional rotation is available to handle QFPs and other multi-sided components.




Solder Pots


Solder Pot


4 x 4"
100 x 100 mm
Component Motion Direct Drive
Lead Screw
(1) Static
(1) Inerted Dynamic
4 New Tin Station Standard & Custom



The Odyssey 925 Lead Tinning System can apply durable and lustrous solder coating to through-hole and SMT terminations. Applications include lead tinning, solder coating, lead attach, component remove, replace and rework, solderability testing, resistance to soldering heat testing, and resistance to dissolution of metallization testing. A properly configured system can handle common and exotic components and connectors, including, but not limited to: QFP, flatpack, axial, discrete, BGA, PLCC, CLCC, DIP, SIP, capacitor, resistor and inductor components.


  • Unlimited Programs | Integrated Laptop for Programming and Operation
  • High Precision Lead Screw Motion | Repeatability ± .002"
  • Interpolated X, Z, Rotation Motion for Superior Solder Performance
  • Wide Process Control: solder temp, emersion depth, travel speed, dwell time, simultaneous moves
  • Agitation Motion for Effective Alloy Removal
  • Automated Rotation for QFP Processing (option)


  • Easy Set-up & Immediate Results
  • Precise Process Control & Repeatability
  • Superior Results vs Hand Tinning
  • Tin Virtually Unlimited Component Types
  • Change Nozzles for Dip and Wave Tinning


The 35 lb-capacity solder pot is constructed of a non-contaminating alloy that is durable, stable and lead-free compatible. The scavenge station is a static (non-flowing) solder mass for the removal of old alloys. The Dynamic Solder Pot Station pumps solder through a nitrogen inertion chamber. The smooth action impeller system combined with the N2 blanket, produces a smooth laminar flow of solder for exceptional tinning of all components, especially QFP, LCC, fine pitch and short lead length components. 


Program using a laptop computer. network access, nearly unlimited program storage, concurrent axis control, and a simple user interface are standard. Operators select commands to build program files. Immersion speed, dwell, and position are independently set for each station. Link up to 4-axes to produce linear interpolated motion. Easily check input states, toggle output states, and configure the names of each I/O point. A trained operator can program a solution in less than 15 minutes. 


  • GEIA-STD-0006 For Solder Dip to Replace Finish
  • ANSI-J-STD-002 Method A, B, C, & D (w/wave)
  • IEC-68-2-20 Test TA, Para 4.9, & Test TB,
  • IEC-68-2-58 Test TD
  • JESD22-B102D Method 1
  • JESD22A111 Method 5.6.2
  • JISZ-3198-4 Method B
  • Mil-STD-202 Method 208 & Mil-STD-883


Integrated safety features stop all motion when the load window and access hood are opened. For easy maintenance and solder pot changeover, a sliding platform extends the solder pots clear of the inner vessel. This allows the operator to easily and safely access the pot and pump for routine maintenance. 

Odyssey 925 Lead Tinning Equipment Specifications


A stepping motor drive system manages the Odyssey 925. Easy to write programs are readily input or modified at the laptop display or off-line on a PC. The abundant I/O controls auxiliary functions such as the optional rotary vacuum end effectors and nitrogen inerting system. Unlimited average length programs can be stored in the memory. Safety hood with interlock. The controller features end-user friendly programming, editing and manual jog capabilities. Optional upgrade features are denoted by an asterisk (*).


Configuration 4 Station Ready

Standard Stations 2 Static Solder Stations | Flux Station

Operation Windows Laptop PC

Programmability Unlimited program storage capacity

Accuracy X | Z Axes± 0.05 mm | 0.002”

Travel Z Axis 100 mm | 4.0”

Speed X Axis Programmable 1-88 mm/sec | 3.5”/sec

Speed Z Axis Programmable 1-25 mm/sec | 1”/sec

Immersion Time Programmable in milliseconds

Interpolated Motion Simultaneous X, Z and Rotation*

Solder Management

Temp Control PID proportioning (0-325°C) ± 2°C

Solder Pot Electro Polished Stainless Steel

Static Range (W x L x D)125 x 200 x 100 mm | 5 x 8 x 4”

Dynamic Range 64 x 115 x 64 mm | 4 x 4 x 2.5”

Capacity 35 Lbs | 15 kgs

Lead Free Ready Standard

Flux Station

Static Range 4 x 4 x 2.5” | 100 x 100 x 63 mm

PreHeat Station

3rd Station PreHeat* Option | Solder Pot Replacement

Dimensions (W x L) 4 x 4”

Type | Range IR | 0 - 500 C (± 2 C)

Major Options(also may be listed above with *)

  • Rotary QFP Motion
  • 3rd Station Pre Heat
  • 2nd Dynamic Solder Pot
  • Dip Solder Nozzle
  • 4th Station 2nd Flux
  • Custom Component Tools
  • Wave Solder Nozzle


  • Standard Component Tools


Electrical 220 VAC | 1Ø 3 Wire | 50-60 Hz | 20 amp

Weight 225 lbs | 102 kgs

Ground < 2 Ω Resistance | < 2 mV RMS

Compliance UL and CE

Air 80 PSI

Exhaust 20 SCFH (ft3) | 0.56 CMH (m3)

Dimensions 50 x 25 x 19.5”

(W x L x D) 1270 x 635 x 495 mm

Nitrogen <100 PPM @ 50 CFH (option)

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