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Hentec/RPS Introduces Next Generation Selective Solder Machines

Hentec/RPS Introduces Next Generation Selective Soldering Systems

Spokane Valley, Washington,— Hentec Industries, Inc. (formerly RPS Automation LLC), a manufacturer of precision soldering automation equipment for electronics assembly and manufacturing, announces the release of the latest generation of selective solder machines; The Vector Series. The Vector 300 and Vector 460 systems are available now.

The Vector systems are designed to be an affordable, high performance, solution for through-hole component soldering. The Vector 300 and Vector 460 offer a process window of 300x300mm and 460x460mm respectively. All Vector systems include high-performance servo motion control, ProHEAT N2 inertion system, and ConductorPRO programming software.

Selective Soldering System  Productive Improvements

The Vector systems can deliver productivity improvements of 20-40% compared to similarly priced selective soldering systems. Through the use of advanced system control components and software, the Vector systems are capable of uninterrupted process control and unrivaled resolution.

The Vector Series delivers simplicity and performance through innovation. High-performance servo drives offer unparalleled repeatability and system safety through fully integrated feedback control loops. The system offers complete access for simplicity of operation and maintenance through a full-width front door panel. Internally, the system integrates high quality 316 stainless steel components, wire covers, and panels to reduce the system maintenance.